"Adding Blyp is like having a full-time ecommerce manager." Jerry Staub, the Founder of Fohm >>

Turn your Shopify store data into growth, one blyp at a time

Meet your personal AI-driven analyst that crunches numbers and analyzes every aspect of your ecommerce business. Blyp is your no-dashboard, zero-touch way to put insights into action.


Say hello to Blyp, your new in-house ecommerce analyst

Blyp is a 24/7, no-brainer app that gives you a 360° look at your Shopify store performance. You get bite-sized insights (what we call blyps) into your:

Marketing Blyps

Social media ads, email campaigns, flash sales, you name it; we’ve got a blyp for you. Our marketing blyps will shine a light on things like the best times for ad placement, top-performing campaigns, and where you should focus your resources, allowing you to reach more of your target audience.

Customer Blyps

Business would be pretty slow without customers, so their success is a top priority. Our customer blyps will provide valuable insights on rewarding customer loyalty and converting first-time customers into repeat customers. Because the more you understand your customers, the better off you’ll be.

Product Blyps

As crucial as your customers are to your store’s success, it’s your store’s unique products that draw them in. Our product blyps will provide insight into your top-sellers, smarter inventory management, the beauty of bundling, and how to bring down those pesky refund rates.

Store Blyps

You’ve put in the time, your store is open, and you want to see it thrive. And so do we. Our store blyps will help enhance its usability and improve your funnel and conversion rate, so you get the most out of your hard work and make informed decisions for the future.

5/5 ★ on the Shopify App Store


awesome to have sophisticated analytics, and CX is amazing. They are even willing to build out new features based on our feedback!


This is a wonderful app! You receive great insights on your store, it’s perfect for e-commerce owners!

Waku Inc

Great app! Has given us great and actionable insights with data from our store. The customer service is great and very responsive.

Blyp is loved by Shopify entrepreneurs like you

Blyp keeps a watchful eye on our store’s e-commerce metrics and gives us timely recommendations. It frees us up to focus on other parts of the business without having to hire an expensive data consultant.

Eli Yonas,
CEO at Toki Mats

We always felt like frequent data analysis of our store’s metrics was necessary but we rarely got around it. Blyp not only does the analysis for us, but gives us recommendations of what actions we should be taking.

CEO at Fohm

Since adding Blyp, we feel like we’ve hired a full time data analyst for our store. It serves us the insights we need, so we’re operating without any blind spots.

CEO at Rey to Z

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More sources? You got it!

Gathering data from multiple sources can get a little messy. We’ll clean it all up to make sure you’re getting the most out of your data.

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